Book report on annie john

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For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Meet Annie John.

book report on annie john

She is our eponymous SAT word alert: this means "title character" protagonist and the first-person narrator of this short yet creatively meaty coming of age story. Even though Book report on annie john John is our title character, she goes unnamed until the third chapter and she doesn't utter her own name until the very last chapter.

Annie How to write one million traces Annie's experiences growing up on the island of Antigua under the strict and watchful eyes of her mother.

When the book begins, Annie loves and adores her mother like no other. But, this is no ordinary love mind you.

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It's soul crushing, agonizing infatuation, obsession and enchantment all rolled up into one big love fest. From Annie's ten-year-old point of view, no one matches her mother in beauty and wisdom.

book report on annie john

Yeah, yeah, she loves her father too, but it doesn't begin to compare to the feelings for her mother. Sometimes her father, a carpenter, just seems to be there in the backdrop, building things when needed and cracking jokes at family meals.

book report on annie john

But if young Annie could somehow surgically attach herself to her mother so they would never have to part, she totally would. There are several deaths that awaken Annie to the tragedies of life and fuel her repott with all things morbid.

book report on annie john

At age ten, her family lives in a summerhouse with a view of a cemetery. She learns from her mother that children are buried in the morning.]