Printing broker business plan

A printing broker functions as a salesperson and a job coordinator. The broker recruits clients using sales and marketing skills and then uses a group of printers to produce the jobs that he sells.

Industry knowledge is essential for a print broker, as expertise is the primary stock-in-trade in printing broker business plan field.

printing broker business plan

Many brokers open their own business after spending many years as a sales person in the printing industry. Decide which niche to exploit.

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The printing printing broker business plan is immense, so busineess in one area. Office supplies; letterhead, business cards, envelopes, labels and the like are products that virtually all businesses use in varying degrees. Conversely, printed packaging is a more specific application and the market is smaller.

printing broker business plan

Develop a network of printers. Research printers in your area to recruit the companies that will actually produce the work. Picking printers requires evaluating each on three basic criteria; quality, service and price.


Ask to see samples of the work they produce, obtain equipment lists and learn the capabilities that set them apart from other printers. Obtain competitive quotes from a variety of shops and compare not only price, but the lead printing broker business plan to produce the work. Recruit clients. During a visit, your goal is to find out the needs of the business and what they like or don't like about their current suppliers.

printing broker business plan

Gaining clients requires finding people who have problems. As a broker you offer solutions to the problems.

printing broker business plan

For rpinting, if a prospect's problem is the labels they use on their product cost too much, your job is to find a less-expensive solution. If the quality of a prospect's presentation folder is sub-standard, provide high-quality samples of the same product that printing broker business plan of your network printers has produced.]