Tech alternatives to book reports

Use your Chromebooks, laptops or mobile devices to give them a creative twist. Books are amazing.

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They transport students to a different time and place. They boost vocabulary and improve achievement.

tech alternatives to book reports

Book reports, however, can be a drag. They can suck the fun out of reading. They can turn it tech alternatives to book reports a chore. Use technology reportx your how to write donation proposals Here are some ways to use free tools across the web to make book reports a more fun — and still very effective — experience:.

The format for a talk show on TV or the radio is a great set-up for what we want students doing with their tech alternatives to book reports. We want them to talk about what they know, what they believe, how they feel and what they want to do in the future.

Thankfully, recording video is a breeze with the devices students use in reporta classroom.

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A simple webcam video — or video using the camera on a cell phone or mobile device — will do the trick! Imagine having a bulletin board where students could post their favorite parts of a book and have a discussion. With a shared Wakelet collection, you can create the digital version of this.

tech alternatives to book reports

Students can tech alternatives to book reports bpok, videos, links to articles and book reviews, and more in a Wakelet collection. Think of it as a big digital hangout where they can talk about a book. You open it up to a blank page. You can write on it. You can stick pictures and shapes and backgrounds to it.

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Students can take images from the book — even images of pages with important passages — and talk about them in a recording.

Eeports courtesy of Seesaw.

tech alternatives to book reports

Click for full-size image. For your students who love to doodle and draw, this may be a great option.

1. Record a talk show video

Let them mix text and visuals together in a sketchnote, a method of visual notetaking. Students can draw images to go along with short snippets of text. They can draw a chart or scene and label it.]