Term paper on psychological disorders

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Culture has a term paper on psychological disorders influence on how people view and deal with psychological disorders. Being able to successfully treat someone for a mental illness has largely to do with what they view as normal in their own culture. In particular Western.

There are multiple criteria that come into play when determining a psychological disorder.

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One reason is because, it is hard to know for sure if an action is abnormal or not. Something could be abnormal in our country, but a custom in another. There are four criteria. These are known as psychological disorders. One of the types of psychological disorders is anxiety disorders. These disorders are broken down into five categories: term paper on psychological disorders anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder OCDand Post traumatic stress disorder PTSD.

term paper on psychological disorders

All of these categories describe disorders in which a person displays extreme psychologicao or nervousness. Bipolar Disorder Term paper on psychological disorders disorder is a mental disorder that causes irregular stages of happiness and depression.

It is characterized as a mood disorder, which is a psychological disorder categorized by the increase or decrease of a person 's mood.

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Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression illness. Having this disorder will cause you to have emotional highs and lows.

term paper on psychological disorders

Treatment for psychological disorders has progressed and term paper on psychological disorders significantly throughout history. Prior to the 's the primary treatment consisted of exorcisms, rituals, and torture as a way to chase out the devil. This practice gave way to locking patients up in asylums with deplorable conditions, until some reforms came in the disorderd 's and continued into the late 's.

term paper on psychological disorders

The early 's brought out Freud's "talking cures" that developed into further psychological disorderz right alongside. These disorders can be unbearable for those that suffer from them.]