College application essay on sports

Every year, students who are accomplished athletes come to us with the same College Essay Myth. The notion that all students who play sports write college essays about their athletic pursuits is simply inaccurate.

College Admissions

Last college application essay on sports one our our students, a star football player, wrote about his aptitude for solving puzzles. Athletes are not just athletes — they are complex humans with varied talents and experiences, many of which are worth exploring in essay form.

And rightfully so. Sports teach valuable skills appplication leadership, teamwork and discipline.

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They foster bonds of friendship that often last decades or longer. A working knowledge of sports can even be a lifelong conversation starter among strangers.

college application essay on sports

Students do not have to shy away from detailing these experiences and what they learned from them — they just have to shift the lens, add another layer, or approach these topics from creative perspectives to make them both original and reflective of a greater range of interests and talents.

For example, maybe your experience diving for the ball as a volleyball player allowed you to take a risk in applying for the job of your dreams. Perhaps the qualities needed to be a good basketball player and also the skills needed to command a boardroom. Students might want to steer college application essay on sports from major tropes like getting injured before a big game or scoring the winning goal — though if those stories are treated with sincerity and an innovative perspective, they can make for effective college application essay on sports as well.

What’s Covered:

The test of whether college application essay on sports not you have achieved the level of creativity necessary spodts set a sports essay apart from all the rest is this: Could any other basketball player have written your essay?

If another lacrosse player put her name on your application, would the details still be mostly accurate?

college application essay on sports

If the answer is yes, find another way in; add another twist; push towards x ray resume more compelling and creative conclusion. So, yes, you can write a sports essay — it just has to be a sports essay unlike any other.

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college application essay on sports

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