How to write tags in youtube

Optimize Your YouTube Videos.

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And a recent industry study found a small but significant relationship between YouTube tags and ranking in YouTube:. Broad tags help give YouTube important context about your video.

how to write tags in youtube

Remember: tags are designed to help YouTube understand your video content. Based on these tags, what would you say this video is about?

One tag says that the video is about blogging.

What are tags for YouTube?

These tasg be a mix of focused and broad keywords that you found from video keyword research. According to data from Briggsbythe best tag length for SEO is words.

how to write tags in youtube

In fact, in some cases like with broad tagsit makes sense to use how to write tags in youtube short, word tags. There are two nifty YouTube keyword research tools that generate related tags on-demand. TagsYouTube is a free tool that generates a list of related tags for you to use on your YouTube videos.

Read Your Tags: Try reading your tags without looking at your video title or description. Would you be able to understand your video based on tags alone?

how to write tags in youtube

If so, you probably have an awesome set of tags on your hands. Add Long Tail Keywords: If you have room, add long tail variations of your target keywords as tags. These suggestions are perfect long tail variations of your keyword to use as tags. Some people also use tips on writing college admissions essays name of a celebrity as a tag for how to write tags in youtube same reason.

According to YouTubemisleading uoutube can get your video taken down. They also help you rank as a Suggested Video. Specifically, if your tags match the tags of a popular video, you can show up next to it.

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