Cover letter for theatre resume

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Applying for jobs is never easy. You have to format your resume, write a solid cover letter, arrange references, interview, or audition.

cover letter for theatre resume

And when you study theatre, it can be really easy to get advice for an acting resume. But what about everyone else? As a dramaturg, let me tell you, there is not a lot of alexandru balan thesis out there for formatting dramaturgy resumes. In order to get some clarity, I reached out to theatre cover letter for theatre resume with experience in the world of resumes and cover letters and asked them for their advice.

First off, let me tell you a little bit about the people I talked to:.

cover letter for theatre resume

Sarah White is currently an adjunct professor at Earlham College and also works as a freelance actor and scenic designer. She recently taught a virtual workshop on structuring resumes and cover letters.

Resume Dos

Alyssa Austin is a professional actor and runs her own career coaching business. She is often looked to as a second pair of eyes on resumes and cover letters.

cover letter for theatre resume

What makes a good resume? What are employers looking for? People looking at your resume want to be able to see right away that you meet their needs. Also, consider organizing resumes by job title instead of by places you worked.

Resume Don’ts

That allows those considering you to see if your experience matches their needs right away. What do I mean by framing? Cver a Summary is a very easy way to do this, as well as listing out key skills and areas of expertise as lrtter relate to the role directly cover letter for theatre resume that.

The resume should focus on the points that make you a strong candidate for that particular position. The less work that the reader has to do to understand what your job entailed, the better.

Instead they should want to be intrigued by it enough to want to hear more in an interview.]