Cover letter with enclosure template

A cover letter enclosure is a necessary step for job applicants that are submitting a paper copy of their cover letter and resume. By indicating on your cover letter that there are enclosures, you ensure the recipient knows that there should be additional documents to review.

cover letter with enclosure template

Showing there are enclosures on your cover letter shows you are aware of professional expectations and how to write a formal business letter. Themes pour dissertation this article, we describe what a cover letter enclosure is, why it's important, the steps for writing an enclosure, tips for an enclosure and examples of a cover letter enclosure.

A cover letter enclosure is a document you include with a physical cover letter, such as a resume or cover letter with enclosure template of recommendation. When you include an enclosure with a cover letter, you need to show there is one by writing "enclosure" after your signature, so that the recipient is aware of what else you included. In a digital format, including emails and faxes, you refer to this as an "attachment" instead of an enclosure, even if you are including the same documents.

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Job Cover Letter Enclosure Sample

A cover letter enclosure is usually the reason you are sending the civer letter. A cover letter is usually a way to entice a potential employer into cover letter with enclosure template over your resume and giving you an interview. Without including a resume and any other requested materials, you aren't giving a potential employer all the information they need. Your cover letter should convince the reader to look at the enclosures, and the enclosures should tempate them to offer you an interview.

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cover letter with enclosure template

Including an enclosure with a cover letter is fairly straightforward. The steps for writing an enclosure are:. Gather the materials you're including with your cover letter.

Should You Include an Enclosure in Cover Letter?

Make a list of what each document is ex: resume, references, etc. Under your name at the end of the letter, skip two lines. On the third line, write "Enclosure:" or "Enclosures:" if there are multiple documents.

cover letter with enclosure template

Skip a line after "Enclosures:" and then begin your list of enclosures. Put each enclosed document title on its own line. Put your documents in order of how they're listed on the cover letter.]