How to write months in mandarin

Pronouncing months in Chinese

Dates in Mandarin Chinese work quite differently than in English. To start with, they follow a different word order. This guide will give you a mknths insight into all the different elements of the date in Chinese — year, month, day.

how to write months in mandarin

To say the date in Chinese, you have to not only know your numbers but also be able to pronounce the years, months, and days correctly. Then there are some important differences between how dates are said in Chinese and other languages such as English and Spanish.

These words are the building blocks of the date expression in Chinese.

how to write months in mandarin

In Chinese, however, you always use cardinal numbers. If you have a bit of a knack for Chinese numbers, the dates should pose no particular problem for you.

If you are not comfortable with the Chinese number wriite yet, try practicing it with random strings of numbers rather than counting in order. This proves to be a far more effective way to remember numbers in Chinese.

how to write months in mandarin

You can also post notes around your house with the Arabic numeral and the Chinese word for that number. One of how to write months in mandarin most important things to note is that in Chinesethe year comes first, followed by the month and then the day.

Unlike in many languages where you express the year by saying the whole number e. A common mistake people make when saying the year in Chinese would be splitting the number the English way e.

So, always read fpga thesis pdf each digit!

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But if you do, make sure to say the year at the very beginning rather than at the end. As with months, you use cardinal numbers one, two, three, etc instead of ordinal numbers first, second, third, etc for dates in How to write months in mandarin, e. You can also say the year in the two-digit shortened way if it is recent and the context is clear. Learn more about topic-comment structure. People will then give you the number of both the month and the day, like.

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There are other ways to ask for the same information. Learn more about days of the week in Chinese. There are three ways to write the date in Chinese.]