Request for quotation cover letter sample

request for quotation cover letter sample

The proposal is a product of the hours you invested customizing past content, collaborating with subject matter experts and refining your messaging.

But wait.

request for quotation cover letter sample

Not so fast. When was the last time you read your boilerplate RFP cover letter? Like, actually read it. Unfortunately, that means you might not be putting your best foot forward.

Request for Quote Cover Letter

With a couple easy tips and a quick review, your cover letter will send just the right message. Download the RFP cover letter template now. A proposal cover letter is a single-page letter addressed to a prospective customer containing high-level information quotatiob a prospective vendor.

The letter precedes an accompanying RFP response or business proposal.

Sample Price Quotation Template

Alternative names for the proposal cover letter include RFP response cover letter, bid proposal cover letter, RFP cover page and other similar variations. As such, you need to make it count.

You spend hours working through the proposal processso why should you spend even more time crafting an RFP response cover letter? The proposal cover letter is an oft-overlooked sales tool.

Inquiry About Last Quotation Template

Furthermore, the RFP cover letter takes very little time to compose especially if you use our template below and offers you one more way to stand out from your competitors. Included in this proposal you will find our answers that meet the requested specifications.

request for quotation cover letter sample

Thank you for your consideration. Your RFP cover letter provides a first impression to the proposal evaluators and decision makers reviewing your proposal.]