Rules for a cover letter

Does your resume go better with a cover letter? Some people say no, because nobody reads them.

How to cram lots of information into little space:

I agree to a point. Not all recruiters read resume cover rules for a cover letter. In a sea of such banality, one way to make your resume cover letter stand out, is just to do a good one. You can do more than that, though.

Here are 10 rules to help you.

rules for a cover letter

Even if the job is advertised through a recruitment consultant you can still do your research. Call them dor connect with them. If you know who the company is, then there is no excuse for not looking up fo website, doing a thorough google, and reading the linked in profile of their company rules for a cover letter. The rules for a cover letter of this research is for you to find some compelling reasons to want to work for that organization and some ways hero essays examples you can add value.

So many people forget to say this in their cover letters.

rules for a cover letter

Your cover letter should clearly show you have read the job advertisement. The way you do this is to pick the key criteria in the advertisement and point out how you meet this in your letter.

Cover Letter Rule # 2

Also use keywords from the advertisement, throughout your resume cover letter. That way it has a better chance of being picked up in screening software. Then your letter may run to two to three pages. Be personal. Ideally, a cover letter should start with the title Ms, Mr, or Mrs.

The exception to this is when informality is invited. A first name is more acceptable in an informal email, perhaps rules for a cover letter you already have had a conversation with the contact person.

Type it.

Cover Letter Rule # 1

This sounds so basic. But I have to say this next bit because I have been asked this question. Plain white paper, please. Pretty pink perfumed pages or something similar is never a good idea.

rules for a cover letter

Your letter will be unique, but for the wrong reasons. Karalyn Brown is a resume, interview and job search consultant based in Australia.

rules for a cover letter

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