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What might it teach other small private colleges? Endicott College is in a better financial position now than it was before the pandemic, according steven disalvo cover letter its president. The small private, nonprofit college in Beverly, Mass.

Hundrieser, vice president for consulting and business development at the National Association of College and University Business Officers, has seen other colleges boast about single victories.

For example, Florida Southern College, Belmont University and Vanderbilt University did not lay off any employees during the pandemic, he said. Last spring, experts worried that small private colleges would be especially squeezed by steven disalvo cover letter enrollment declines, unforeseen expenses and a volatile stock market.

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There have been a few. It's possible that institutions that cater to wealthy, white students -- whose family finances have, on average, fared better during the pandemic than those of students of color steven disalvo cover letter low-income students -- had a leg up through the past year.

steven disalvo cover letter

Experts also suspect that institutions with strong brand power and greater wealth may have steven disalvo cover letter to grow despite the pandemic. So how could Endicott -- and another other designer as author essay like it -- do so well during year of exceptional turmoil? In fallEndicott welcomed its largest-ever incoming class with new students. This fall, it added students, and it is projecting an incoming class of for fall This current year, we started the year over our budgeted goal steven disalvo cover letter we had good retention.

Endicott has had students on campus since September, and the busy campus helped enormously with admissions, DiSalvo said. Endicott was able to reopen in person thanks to a rigorous testing program that required students and employees to be tested once a week, and which allowed the college to keep COVID cases under control. The college is also earning more tuition steven disalvo cover letter per student than some other private colleges, due in part to a low tuition discount rate.

A tuition discount rate is the percentage of the tuition sticker price that a college subsidizes with financial aid.

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Ripon College in Wisconsin also has reason to celebrate. It steven disalvo cover letter maintained steady enrollment levels through the pandemic. So far this spring, the college received 20 percent more tuition deposits than it did at the same time last year.

Ripon is also on track to collect more deposits this year than it has in nearly 50 years.

steven disalvo cover letter

The private nonprofit college currently enrolls students. Ripon enrolls two-thirds of its students from within Wisconsin, and half of the remaining third come from neighboring states, Messitte said. In some ways, Endicott's enrollment stability through the pandemic is unsurprising. Only 16 cover letter working with children with autism of Endicott students are eligible for steven disalvo cover letter federal Pell Grant, which can be considered a proxy for low-income status.

By comparison, about 30 percent of students at all four-year private colleges received Pell Grants during the academic year, the most recent year for which data is available from the National Center for Education Statistics. The demographics at Endicott may steven disalvo cover letter provided a cushion against pandemic-caused enrollment declines.

Endicott's student body is overwhelmingly white -- 82 percent of Endicott students are white, 4 percent are Hispanic or Latino, 2 percent are Asian and 2 percent are Black or African American, according to NCES. White, wealthy and middle-class students were less likely to leave higher education during the pandemic than some of their nonwhite, low-income peers.

White and wealthy Americans were also steven disalvo cover letter likely to maintain financial stability or even grow their finances during the pandemic, according to a March survey steven disalvo cover letter the Pew Research Center. About four in 10 upper-income adults -- defined as adults who earn more than double the median family income according to Pew's American Trends Panel -- say their family's financial situation has improved during the pandemic.

One in 10 upper-income adults say their family's financial situation has worsened in the last year. By comparison, only two in 10 lower-income adults -- adults who make less than two-thirds the median family income -- say their family's financial situation has improved during the pandemic, and a third of lower-income adults report that it has steven disalvo cover letter. The Pew survey also showed that financial stability during the pandemic varies somewhat by race.

Two-thirds of Black Americans and 59 percent of Hispanic Americans said in March that their finances are in fair or poor shape, compared with 40 percent of white Americans who said the same. The Wings fund is intended to provide additional financial aid to students facing economic hardship during the pandemic.

steven disalvo cover letter

The college makes up about 18 percent of its budget with income from auxiliary services. Its picturesque campus on the coast is a popular spot for events, especially weddings -- Endicott steven disalvo cover letter of them the year before the pandemic. Even after COVID forced a temporary ban on large gatherings, Endicott had enough cash from prior events that it could cover additional, unforeseen expenses.]