Dissertation philosophie exemple rdige

After nearly 22 hours of traveling, I remember stepping off the plane and walking down the steps onto the tarmac.

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It was about am and the sun was peeking out from behind the tall palm trees. It was hot, humid, and muggy. It dissertation philosophie exemple rdige a ohilosophie combination of wood smoke, spices, and putrefying garbage. I had never experienced anything quite like it. Like someone coming out of a coma, my senses awoke, and I got the chance to digest what was around me — India.

dissertation philosophie exemple rdige

It was my first time traveling abroad as an adult. I was hungry, tired, and delirious from hours on the road, but I do remember this: it was the best Indian food I had ever eaten.


From the lamb curry to the naan — and everything in pbilosophie — the meal made me question everything I thought I had known about food. From that point on, with an open mind, I embarked on new discoveries.

dissertation philosophie exemple rdige

Discovering foods abroad has become an important way dissrtation me to interact with the world around me. I want to the world to interact with Chicago the same way I have interacted with the world. Chicago dissertation philosophie exemple rdige a city with big shoulders and the hub of the United States when it comes to world class dining.

dissertation philosophie exemple rdige

Food is a philosophis language that we all understand, and food in any language is great conversation. Chicago is my home — born and raised — and I want to welcome you to my home.

dissertation philosophie exemple rdige

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