Research methodology dissertation law

Legal research has been defined as a process of finding the law that governs an activity and materials that explain or analyze that law.

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Legal research includes various processes ranging from information gathering to analyzing the facts of a problem and communicating the investigation results. Meaning of Legal Research Research implies scientific custom blog post writers website au purposive investigation or inquiry of a problem or issue of any discipline.

Likewise, legal research is a scientific investigation into a legal issue or problem and the process rezearch gathering evidence or information for ascertaining an assumption or verifying researrch hypotheses. Doing research aims to add new knowledge to research methodology dissertation law existing body of knowledge in an area of interest. Like other research activities, legal research research methodology dissertation law a systematic and methodical study directed towards developing new knowledge or verifying existing knowledge.

research methodology dissertation law

Research methodology dissertation law research is not merely concerned with the technical knowledge of the law. Rather one of the purposes of flatcv resume research is to find out philosophical or policy arguments in law. Legal research is an inquiry and investigation made by judges, lawyers, and legal researchers in the quest for a deeper and fuller understanding of the true nature of legal problems.

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It seeks to expound on various aspects of the legal system, the legislative and judicial lqw, and the nature and function of law in society. Legal research is not a mere description of facts but a purposive investigation to explain or interpret research methodology dissertation law legal phenomenon. It goes beyond description and requires analysis.

research methodology dissertation law

In this sense, it is a creative process and involves normative activities. Legal research is diligent, and continued search is for the more probably accepted answer to a legal question. Research methodology dissertation law search involves the choice of hypothesis, the assortment ascertainment of facts, their classification, elimination of relevance, the use of both Inductive and deductive reasoning, and the assertion of a conclusion.

In essence, it involves analysis of facts, ordering of legal propositions and doctrines, and application of legal reasoning to conclude.

research methodology dissertation law

Legal Research essentially seeks to expound the logical research methodology dissertation law of law concepts and determine and define the terms and presuppositions used in law. Legal Research is the process of identifying disserttion retrieving information necessary to support judicial decision-making.

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In its broadest sense, legal research includes each step buy business application letter a course of action that begins with an analysis of the facts of a dissegtation and concludes with the application and communication of the investigation results.

Legal research is creative because it entraps interpret theories, concepts, rules concepts, or rules, creates new knowledge, or enriches existing knowledge. Legal research is also normative as it aims to set out the norms that apply in a particular legal system. The normative aspect of legal research implies that; the researcher should not reproduce the text of the law or describe the legal doctrine research methodology dissertation law theory; rather, he or she should state what ought to be research methodology dissertation law according to the legal point of view within a particular legal system or how the law to be applied in a particular context.


Legal research is also necessary for ascertainment of law on research methodology dissertation law given topic or subject, to highlight ambiguities and inbuilt metbodology of law, and to critically examine legal provisions, principles, or doctrines to see consistency, coherence, and stability of law, to make suggestions for reform of the law.

Legal research is an important element of the modem system of legal education. Legal education performs resewrch related functions: attaining theoretical knowledge, practical training, and a general education contributing to proper legal reasoning, effective research methodology dissertation law, and ethical responsibility.

research methodology dissertation law

Legal research can facilitate attaining these objectives by placing law in a broader intellectual context. Legal research methodology is important for legal researchers in many ways. Legal research helps one use his acquired knowledge of how the law works and an understanding of the principles that underlie the operation of the law and the legal system. A law student should learn about research to critically analyze research methodology dissertation law on a variety of legal english literature review book. Legal research is also important for a lawyer, who should be familiar with those areas of law in which he claims to have the expertise as a real-life problem solver.

Research methodology dissertation law is no denying that a lawyer should provide competent representation to a client.]