Writing up your dissertation

Writing a dissertation or thesis is not a simple task.


It takes time, energy and a lot of will power to get you across the finish line. If you understand the big-picture process of how to write a dissertation writing up your dissertation thesis, your research journey will dissertationn a lot smoother. At its simplest, a dissertation or thesis is a formal piece of research latex vorlage dissertation ingenieur, reflecting the standard research process.

But what is the standard research process, you ask? The research process involves 4 key steps:. In short, the research process is simply about asking and answering questions in a systematic fashion. Its no surprise then that what they end up with is an opinion piece, not research. The dissertatoin takeaway here writing up your dissertation that a dissertation or thesis is a formal piece of research, reflecting the research process. Writing a good dissertation involves asking a question and taking a systematic, rigorous approach to answering it.

As we saw, the first step of the research process is to ask a specific, well-articulated question.

writing up your dissertation

In other words, you need to find a research topic that asks a specific question or set of questions these are called research questions. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, not quite…. A good dissertation or thesis writing up your dissertation has a few important attributes.

What Goes Into a Dissertation?

Specifically, a solid research topic should be:. An analysis writung consumer-based factors influencing organisational writing up your dissertation in British low-cost online equity brokerage firms. As you can see in the example, its crystal clear what will be analysed factors impacting organisational trustamongst who consumers and in what context British low-cost equity brokerage firms, based online.

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See how Grad Coach can help you Therefore, the context makes this research original. Simply asking a unique or original question is not enough — the question needs to create disserrtation. Writing up your dissertation other words, successfully answering your research questions should provide some value to the field of research or the industry.

writing up your dissertation

It needs to make some form of contribution either to research or industry. For example, researching the factors influencing consumer trust would create value by enabling businesses to tailor their operations and marketing to leverage factors that promote trust.

In other words, it would have a clear writing up your dissertation to industry.

writing up your dissertation

So, how do you go about finding a unique and valuable research topic? No matter how awesome you think your topic is, it still needs to get the rubber writing up your dissertation before you can move forward with your research. But convince them of what? Well, this varies from university to university, but generally, they want to see that:.

writing up your dissertation

So, how do you go about craft a high-quality, convincing proposal? In other words, disseftation covers the same ground as the research proposal writing up your dissertation that it justifies your research topic.

This can vary slightly between universities and degrees, but generally, the introduction chapter will include writimg following:. How do I write the introduction chapter, you ask? We cover writing up your dissertation in detail in this post. Once you reach the literature review stage of your dissertation diesertation thesis, you need to dig a lot deeper into the existing research and write up a comprehensive literature review chapter.

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